About Us


Chiara Poland is a producer of exceptional clothes for women. It's also a brand which logo is put on its product.

We sell online: retail and wholesale.


Our mission


The Chiara Poland team is a group of people full of passion and engagement.

We only focus on what we do best - designing and producing clothes.

We are a fashionable and dynamic company, reacting fast to the customers' and market needs.

We know the latest trends, secrets of tailoring and most importantly, our customers' needs.


Brand made in Poland


All of our products are fully designed and tailored in Poland.


We are proud that we use the highest quality fabrics and, in this matter, we do not make any compromises.




As a clothes producer we cooperate with boutiques and clothing companies.

We are responsible and reliable business partner and we believe in the win-win rule.


We only choose the best subcontractors - dyers, spinning companies, model manufacturers. They are chosen to meet our needs and to suite our customers' expectations.




"Let's not lock ourselves in the shackles of mundanity"


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